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Alpha Kappa AlphaImportant Disclaimer

*Buyer acknowledges, understands and agrees (hereinafter collectively “agrees”) that he/she is an Authorized Buyer only if buying goods bearing logos, designs, copyrights and trademarks for an AKA member. Buyer agrees that a non-member is not allowed to purchase, own, wear or possess such items. Buyer also agrees that purchasing Sorority goods for any other reason is prohibited and doing so under false pretense authorizes Sorority to immediately (1) remove the goods from the internet and all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, ebay,, (hereinafter collectively “Third Party”) and (2)repossess such good(s) from Buyer and Third Party trying to sell them. Buyer agrees to waive its First Sale Doctrine right to subsequently sell any item(s), bearing a Sorority Mark.”

It's An AKA Occasion Porcelain Ornament
AKA Graduate Clock
AKA Graduate Skinny Tumbler
AKA Graduate Leather Journal
AKA Soror Graduate Card
AKA Graduate Magnet
AKA Majestic Leather Journal
AKA Glitter Skinny Tumbler
AKA Glitter Keepsake Box
AKA Birthday Gifts Greeting Card
AKA Lady Keychain
AKA 1908 Keychain
AKA 1908 Ladies Luxury Handbag
AKA Jean Jacket
Merry Christmas AKA Ladies Ornament
AKA Shield In Green Wreath Ornament
AKA Celebrating The Season Ornament
AKA Holiday Gifts Ornament
AKA It's Christmas Holiday Ornament
AKA Christmas Time Ornament
AKA Pink Glitter Ornament
AKA Green Glitter Round Ornament
AKA 1908 Drinking Glass
AKA Sisterhood Small Cross Body Bag
AKA 1908 Leather Binder
AKA Sisterhood T-Shirt
AKA 1908 Composition Notebook
AKA Trio Composition Notebook
AKA Shield 2023-2024 Checkbook Planner
AKA Sisterhood 2023-2024 Checkbook Planner
AKA 1908 Lady T-Shirt
AKA Lady In Pink and Green 2023-24 Checkbook Planner
AKA Sisterly Love Keepsake Box
AKA Homestyle Wall Clock
AKA Happy Birthday To My Soror Greeting Card
AKA It's A Great Day Birthday Greeting Card
AKA Rockin' This Day Birthday Greeting Card
AKA Sisters Together Birthday Greeting Card
AKA Sisterhood Leather Binder
AKA Flowers Card
AKA Leather Journal
AKA 1908 Skinny Tumbler
AKA Ladies Skinny Tumbler
AKA Shield Skinny Tumbler
AKA My Sista Skinny Tumbler
Step Back Face Mask
AKA Lady Bookmark
AKA Style Bookmark
AKA Silver Soror T-Shirt
AKA Serene Mug/Coasters or Set
AKA Duo Mug/ Coasters or Set
AKA Sisters Together Porcelain Ornament
AKA Christmas Card
AKA Shield Bible Cover
Vote Pink and Green Face Mask
Divine Lady In Pink and Green Face Mask
Pink and Green Kente Pattern Face Mask
AKA Sisters Journal
AKA Shield Keepsake Box
AKA Graduation Card
AKA Graduation Journal
AKA Sisters Compact Mirror
AKA Sisters Mousepad
AKA Sisters Cosmetic Bag
AKA Together Compact Mirrors
AKA Heart Glitter T-Shirt
AKA 1908 Heartbeat Tshirt
AKA Together T-Shirt
AKA Together iPhone 11/12 Case
AKA Wall Clock
AKA Glitter Mug
AKA Glitter Water Bottle
AKA Lady Note Card Set
Pretty In Pink and Green Note Card Set
AKA Shield Note Card Set
AKA Lady Style Ornament
AKA Girl Ornament
AKA Ladies Together Ornament
AKA Glamour Lady Ornament
AKA Gift Box Ornament
AKA Wreath Ornament
AKA Wreath Ornament 2
AKA It's Special Gift Ornament
AKA Celebration Ornament
AKA Education T-Shirt
AKA Girl T-Shirt
AKA Squad T-Shirt
AKA 1908 T-Shirt
AKA Shield Waist Bag
AKA Sisterhood Keepsake Box
AKA Sisterhood iPhone Cover
AKA Composition Notebook
AKA Ladies Composition Notebook
AKA Strong Mug
AKA Strong Clock
AKA Sisters Forever Clock
AKA Sisters Together Compact Mirror
AKA My Sisters Compact Mirror
AKA Strong Notebook
AKA Everything Is Possible Notebook
AKA Ladies Together Mousepad
AKA Pearls and Roses Keepsake Box
AKA My Best Checkbook Cover
AKA Workin' It Checkbook Cover
AKA Girl Purse Holder
AKA Relaxing Checkbook Cover
AKA Give Thanks Cutting Board
AKA Relaxing Cutting Board
AKA Small Gift Basket
AKA Rose and Shield Bath Set
AKA Rose and Shield Bath Set Two
AKA Elegance Umbrella
AKA Black Umbrella
AKA Lunch Totebag
AKA Water Bottle
AKA Pink and Green Swirl Ornament
AKA USB Port Backpack
AKA Power Bank
AKA P.U. Leather Pink Wallet
AKA Shield P.U.Leather Wallet Pink
AKA Sister's P.U. Pink Leather Wallet
AKA PU Leather Purse
AKA Lady Stemless Glass One
AKA Lady Stemless Wineglass Two
AKA Ladies Stemless Wineglass Three
AKA Letters Stemless Wine Glass
Sisterhood Magnet In Pink and Green
AKA Busy Lady Notebook
Pink and Green Girl T-Shirt
AKA Candy Dish
AKA Ladies With Shield Note card Set
AKA Lady Checkbook Cover
AKA Pink Round Ornament
AKA Golden Soror Glitter Round Ornament
AKA Silver Soror Glitter Round Ornament
AKA Sista Style Ornament
AKA Golden Soror T-Shirt
AKA In The City Compact Mirror
AKA Lady Friends Mug with Matching Box
AKA Ivy Mug with Matching Box
AKA In The City Mug with box
AKA My Sistas Magnet
AKA Pretty In Pink and Green Bank
AKA In The City Totebag
AKA In The City Checkbook Cover
AKA in the City Leather Journal
AKA Shopping Lady iPhone Case
AKA Shopping Lady Mug
AKA Sister Mug
AKA In The City Mousepad
AKA In The City Magnet
AKA Shopping Lady Magnet
AKA Graduation Lady Wineglass
AKA Flower Lady Purse Holder
AKA Flower Dress Purse Holder
AKA Sorors Purse Holder
AKA Sisterhood Cutting Board
AKA Rose Votive Candle
AKA Sisters Votive Candle
AKA Lady With Flowers Votive Candle
AKA Flowers Votive Candle
AKA Flowers Checkbook Cover
AKA Collage Clutch Bag
AKA Watch With Shield
AKA Letters Ornament
AKA Clear Ornament
AKA Elegant Glass Ornament
AKA Christmas Wishes Card
AKA Shield Pink Card
AKA Happy Birthday Soror Pink Card
AKA Glamour Shoe Wineglass
AKA Validation T-Shirt
AKA Elegant Dress Compact Mirror
AKA Lanyard
AKA Flower Lady Ornament
AKA Holiday Gifts Globe Ornament
AKA Holiday Gifts Porcelain Ornament
AKA Holiday Gifts Card
AKA Sister Christmas Card
AKA Iphone Rose and Shield Case
AKA Hat Ladies Mousepad
AKA Hat Ladies Mug/Coasters or Set
AKA Rose and Shield Mousepad
AKA Lady Butterfly Note Card Set
AKA Pink Bucket Hat
AKA Clear Water Bottle
AKA Shield Pink Porcelain Ornament
AKA Shield Purse Holder
AKA Divine Lady Purse Holder
AKA Lady Shield Purse Holder
AKA Afternoon Stroll Purse Holder
AKA Fit To Perfection T-Shirt
AKA Originated T-Shirt
AKA Divine Lady Ornament
AKA Sophisticate Lady Ornament
AKA Shield Pink Ornament
If The Shoe Fits AKA T-shirt
AKA Cake Dome and Platter
AKA Koolaid Pitcher
AKA Ivy Glass
AKA Wineglass
AKA Golden Soror Wineglass
AKA Silver Soror Wineglass
AKA Finest T-Shirt
AKA Ivy Cuttingboard
AKA Generations of Sisterhood Cuttingboard
AKA Divine Lady Checkbook
AKA Shield Checkbook Cover
AKA Umbrella
AKA Shield Keychain
AKA Cupcake Themed Cutting Board
AKA Steppin Diva Rhinestone T-Shirt
AKA First Ladies Club T-Shirt
AKA Lady Pin
AKA Letters Compact Mirror
AKA Sisters Night Out Mug/Coasters Or Set
AKA Sisters Night Out Clock
AKA Generations of Sisterhood Porcelain Ornament
AKA Divine Lady Porcelain Ornament
AKA Sophisticate Porcelain Ornament
AKA Bible Cover
AKA Shield Mousepad
AKA generations of Sisterhood Mousepad
AKA Generations of Sisterhood Cuttingboard
AKA Divine Ladies Compact
AKA Divine Lady Profile Compact Mirrors
AKA Sorority Sisters Magnet
AKA Divine Lady Magnet
AKA Ivy Magnet
AKA Divine Ladies Magnet
AKA Sophisticate Magnet
AKA Letters Cooler
AKA Shield Cooler Totebag
AKA Barrell Duffle Bag
AKA Divine Lady Notecards
AKA Generations of Sisterhood Compact
AKA Stylish Lady Compact
AKA Divine Lady Compact
AKA Stylish Lady Votive Candle
AKA Stylish Lady Glassware
AKA Generations of Sisterhood Keepsake Box
AKA Sophisticate Compact
AKA Afternoon Stroll Glass
AKA Ivy Votive Candle
AKA Kickin' Back Clock
AKA Ivy Mug, Coasters or Set
AKA Ivy Business Card Holder
AKA Sorority Pink T-Shirt
AKA Notebook
AKA Sisters Three Porcelain Ornament
AKA Afternoon Stroll Purse
AKA Shield Iphone 5, 6, 6S, 6+ Cover
AKA Shield Magnet
AKA Afternoon Stroll Magnet
AKA Shield Gift Bag
AKA Afternoon Stroll Clock
AKA Afternoon Stroll Business Card Holder
AKA Afternoon Stroll Ornament
AKA Santa's Helper Ornament
AKA Ladies Glassware
AKA Special Gift Holiday Card
AKA Elegance Business Card Holder
AKA Lady Votive Candle
AKA Votive Candle
AKA Bank
AKA Seasons Greeting Card Or Set
AKA Sisters Notecard Set
AKA Lady Compact
AKA Letters Business Card Holder
AKA Days Out Business Card Holder
AKA Throne Business Card Holder
AKA Classic Business Card Holder
AKA Throne Cutting Board
AKA Afternoon Stroll Keepsake Box
AKA Throne Jewelry Box
AKA Throne Mousepad
AKA Afternoon Stroll Mug/Coasters or Set
AKA Lady Mug/Coaster/Set
AKA Throne Mug or Coaster
AKA Throne Magnet
AKA Holiday Cheer Ornament
AKA Porcelain Ornament
AKA Throne Ornament
AKA Lady 2 Soap
AKA Sisters Soap
AKA Throne soap
What Is An AKA T-shirt
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