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BATH PRODUCTS-COSMETIC BAGS  AND CANDLESOur bath and body products include a wide array of natural ingredients that gently cleanse and nuture your body. Our luxurious foaming Shower Gel gently cleanses as it moisturizes the skin with nourishing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Botanical Extracts. Body Sprays are a balanced blend of natural extracts. Body Lotions are a nourishing and conditioning combination of Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and botanical extracts that leave skin feeling soft and young, not greasy. Our bath salts are natural sea salt with gentle fragrance and easily dissolve in bath water. All items are available in a variety of fragances.

Afro Queen Bath Set One
Afro Queen Bath Set Two
AKA Rose and Shield Bath Set
AKA Rose and Shield Bath Set Two
Serenity Bath Set
Serenity Bath Set Two
Dreams Of Paris Bath Set
Dreams of Paris Bath Set Two
Sass and Class Bath Set
Sass and Class Bath Set Two
AKA Small Jar Candle
Dreams Of Paris Small Jar Candle
Sass and Class Small Jar Candle
Alyssa Dreams Future Cosmetic Bag
In Style Cosmetic Bag
Keeping It Together Cosmetic Bag
Putting Myself First Cosmetic Bag
Sophisticated Cosmetic Bag
Glamour and Glitz Cosmetic Bag
Girl You Got This Cosmetic Bag
Everything Is Possible Cosmetic Bag
Strength Cosmetic Bag
Kick Back Cosmetic Bag
Unbothered Cosmetic Bag
AKA Sisters Cosmetic Bag
My Way Cosmetic Bag
My Bag and Shoes Cosmetic Bag
Girl Boss Cosmetic Bag
Sisters Together Cosmetic Bag
Zeta Cosmetic Bag
Michelle Obama 3 in 1 Cosmetic Bags
Seek, Sacrifice and Succeed Cosmetic Bag
Live A Good Life Cosmetic Pouch
Everything Works Together Cosmetic Pouch
Walk By Faith Cosmetic Pouch
Me Time Cosmetic Duo
Shoe Paradise Cosmetic Duo
Show Up Cosmetic Duo
Sister Friends Cosmetic Duo
Blessed Votive Candle
Flower Lady Red Votive Candle
AKA Rose Votive Candle
AKA Sisters Votive Candle
AKA Lady With Flowers Votive Candle
AKA Flowers Votive Candle
AKA Ivy Votive Candle
Zeta Afternoon Stroll Votive Candle
Sigma Lady Votive Candle
Zeta Girlfriend Votive Candle
Zeta Trio Votive Candle
Zeta Shopping Lady Votive Candle
Portrait Of A Lady Votive Candle
Elegant Trio Votive Candle
African Beauty Votive Candle
Fashion Lady Votive Candle
Portrait Of A Lady Votive Candle
Sixties Retro Votive Candle
Steppin Out Votive Candle
AKA Votive Candle
Zeta Lady 2 Candle
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